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Join us! Demand Defeat of Anti-LGBTQ+ Bills at the ND Legislature.

Your voice has NEVER been more important! Join us on the right side of history. The ND legislature is working to pass some of the most extreme anti-LGBTQ bills in the country. 

The anti-transgender legislation has several forms, including bills aimed to prevent transgender youth from playing school sports consistent with their gender identity and bills to prevent transgender and non-binary youth from receiving life-saving, medically-necessary gender-affirming healthcare. 21 bills - yes, a package of TWENTY ONE hateful, discriminatory, and dangerous policies- all aimed at LGBTQ+ North Dakotans. The full list of bills can be read here.

According to the Human Rights Campaign, "Nearly 1 in 5 of any type of hate crime is now motivated by anti-LGBTQ+ bias and the last two years have been the deadliest for transgender people, especially Black transgender women, we have seen since we began tracking fatal violence against the community. Reports of violence and intimidation against LGBTQ+ people have been making news across the country. Finally, anti-LGBTQ+ stigma also drives alarmingly high rates of depression, anxiety and suicide. 45% of LGBTQ+ youth seriously considered attempting suicide in the past year, but LGBTQ+ youth who have at least one accepting adult in their life were 40% less likelyto attempt suicide."

We must stand together and take action against these discriminatory, hateful and life threatening bills. 

This tool allows you to send a message to your state represenatives. Please personalize the message, your voice is power.


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